SixtySecondsPrints was created after being inspired by graphic designs and infographics that depicted football players, stadiums, historic teams and special goals throughout time. Whilst we saw many fantastic images based upon entire seasons, or singular player moments, we did not see as many designs focusing on what football fans tend to be most passionate about - the games themselves.

We knew from the very beginning that our designs would revolve around time. It's the ticking down of the clock that provides the tension and the narrative for the most memorable sporting moments. We tell each other football stories in the context of time: who scored and when, what was at stake, the chances we took, and the goals that we scored, all before the referee blows the final whistle...

SixtySecondsPrints came into being with its first design, that recaptures the memories of an individual game of football. We used the minutes, goals, and goal scorers to tell the story. Each one of our designs allows you to replay that game, to relive the drama, in the order of which goals were scored. We are very proud that our first design works as both a piece of art, and as a storytelling device.

We also wanted to create products and memorabilia that would tie all of this together. There is something very special about wall art, particularly when you have a connection to a given piece. We believe that by focusing on games, and portraying them as framed prints, mounted prints, fine art prints and more… that sport can be transformed into art.

With SixtySecondsPrints, your football memories become lasting  mementos.

With many years of experience working in the print industry, we specifically added elements to our design that we knew would lead to a product that is both striking and of exceptionally high quality. We work with our suppliers to ensure we print onto high grade paper using archival inks, which look stunning in combination with our strong use of colours.

We launched late in 2021, and are hard at work bringing to life even more games, new designs for team season and player stories, and even broadening our designs to work beyond football.

We would love for you to stay in touch with us by joining our subscription list (the link is at the bottom of the website) or where you'll be the first to hear about news, competitions, new games, new designs, and any special offers that we make available.

You can also follow us on social media or through our contact page, where we'd love to have conversations with sport fans about what games matter to you the most - from your favourite team's perspective, but also the personal stories that you may have too.

We hope that you enjoy our work and the designs here, and that we can help you relive your most exciting sporting moments.

Antony & Col @ SSP