Our designs are based around time...

We begin with a series of clock-like circles to denote the duration of a game, followed by arms to show the minutes and types of goals that are scored. Knowing this, "reading" a game based on our design becomes part of the experience - reliving the memory of that game, moment by moment, goal by goal.

The clock is drawn based upon the total minutes in a game - usually 90, but our design also works for shorter matches such as five-a-side. For goals scored in injury time, we draw these with a dotted line going beyond the half-time or full-time markers.

The colours are all based on the kits that each team wore on the day, with the background of the artwork being based on the winner's primary kit colour.

There are up to three circles: an inner circle for the away team goals, and a second circle for the home team. If extra time is played, then both teams share their goals on a third circle.

Goals are drawn in the colours of the team who scored (though watch out for own goals, which use a mix), penalties have a solid circle to make them stand out, and any hat-trick goals are drawn in gold, to recognise that player's achievement.

Any penalty shoot-outs are drawn on the sides of the design, with a solid circle for a goal, an empty for a miss, and the opposite team's colour for a save.


How SSP designs work


Putting all of this together results in a striking, bold and colourful design, produced with high quality paper, inks, and materials.

We believe our designs are special: innovative pieces of art that liven up any space, and also a way to relive the greatest football stories. Whether enjoying your favourite games on your walls by yourself, or with friends or family, our design (re)creates an experience.

Purchasing a SixtySecondsPrints piece of art will ensure you always have a way to bring back that game, to talk about what it meant to you, and to relive those memories. With all that being said, we invite you to...